Reduce Overweight & Obesity Levels and Improve the Quality of Life for Millions of People

Reduce Overweight & Obesity Levels and Improve the Quality of Life for Millions of People

15 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

Hello, my name is Darren Christopher Rowland. I am deeply concerned about the increasing figures for overweight and obese populations around the world and as such, I am totally committed to doing whatever I can to help turn things around.

Although I'm a professional VIP life coach specialising in permanent weight loss, I can't help but see the problem getting progressively worse around the world and I can no longer just watch from the sidelines. I'm not afraid to admit that I, and many other experts in this field, will not be able to achieve this outcome alone. We need your help. I'm personally and professionally jumping in to do something very impactful, and I hope you will join me...

I believe we can make a difference if we all pull together, if we can raise our global awareness of this problem then we can do something affirmatively about it. I want our children to grow up with good health and have longevity.

With the Covid-19 worldwide epidemic in 2020 and 2021, what was an already struggling situation for worldwide health / weight control figures, became an even more complicated and potentially limiting one. With less overall opportunity and freedom to be able to exercise outdoors, coupled with increased comfort eating as people try to deal with their disempowered emotional states during this uncertain time, the problem has exponentially increased.

Key Facts From The World Health Organisation –

Overweight in Adults Worldwide:

  • In 1980, there were 857 Million Adults Overweight. Today, an estimated 2.5 Billion are Overweight.
  • 40% of Adults Worldwide are Overweight.

Obesity in Adults Worldwide:

  • Worldwide Obesity has nearly Tripled since 1975.
  • 650 Million Adults are Obese… That’s 13% of the World’s Population.

The problem is that these figures have been getting slowly worse over the years, and covid-19 just multiplied the problem again. If we don't do something now, these figures above will spiral out of control. The evidence is clear that the Governments of the world are not doing enough to affirmatively tackle this issue.

This petition's intent is to force the Governments of the world into greater efforts.

I hope you will join me and other individuals and organisations who are all working to this end. In fact, to be direct, we need your help please... Without you, this won't happen.

Weight issues are not just vanity-based, they directly affect our health and can reduce the quality of our life. I want to highlight this growing problem and with enough support, we can put this in front of the U.K Parliament and force stronger actions to be taken to look after our fellow human beings. From there we can positively influence other Countries Governments.

As of 2016, 38 million children worldwide under the age of 5 were overweight or obese. Today these figures have increased... Please join me in this cause and let's positively affect the health of our world's populations so that, our children can grow up healthy, strong and with a bright future.

If we don't get these figures under control and begin reversing them, they will increase even more, and that will be edging toward disaster.

This petition is part of a bigger movement called the "Revolution - For Weight Loss - Evolution." If you would like to know more about this movement please Click Here

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition, I don't just write that, I sincerely mean it. With so many things pulling us in all directions it can be a challenge to get spare time, so for you to come here and read this means a great deal.

Love & Best Wishes,

Darren Christopher Rowland

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Signatures: 1Next Goal: 5
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