Teaching Support Staff deserve a pay rise

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Reading about the new pay rises has made feel so upset for Teaching Support Staff. I have now left my role as a TA but I wanted to speak out for the Teaching Support Staff still in their roles. Therefore, I have decided to start a petition to get the word out there for all of those still left in their jobs feeling unappreciated by the Goverment. Their wage is between £11,000 to £15,000 per annum.

Teaching support staff play a huge role in the classroom and helping the children and teacher during lesson time but their wage does not reflect this. With teaching assistants being paid pre pro rata (meaning their wage is kept back each month to ensure they have some other the holidays). 

Their workload has increased throughout the years with no higher wage (many of them have been left jobless meaning the ones still working, have even more to take on) says (C.Henshaw, 2019). They worked throughout the pandemic, with some travelling from miles and miles just to come in for 3 children. A lot of teaching assistants often cover classes, mark books, teach interventions and a multitude of other jobs each day, all whilst being the ones responsible for the most difficult children in the class. And for what? To be paid a lot less than retail workers, infact less than most jobs. I haven't even mentioned SEN workers yet- who get hit, spat on, verbally abused and all for such an incredibly low wage. 

Working with children truly is a rewarding career to be a part of however it is hard work and it needs to be recognised and valued before it's too late.

Please sign this petition if like me, you feel Teaching Support Staff deserve a pay rise. 

Thank you very much!