Change country name spelling from Ukraine, to Uqrain.

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From 1600 AD since the formation of the name Ukraine it has two meanings.

The first "land at the border side" and another one "home country" that use depending on the circumstances of the history.

Since the encroachment of Poland and Russia in the Middle Ages before the October Revolution, Ukraine has always changed this meaning.

Since the reign of the Union of Soviets and until independence in 1991, Ukraine is under the influence of neighboring countries or in search of its self-sufficiency.

The events of recent years have led Ukraine to nowhere.

For all time of existence, Ukraine is made up of people of different nations (Vikings, Slavians, Eastern Europeans, residents of the USSR)

Ukraine needs a creation of a new installation stick for the universal republic.

In which people will build a common living environment for future years.

From the history of developed countries, it is proved that in people the first place is their security and prosperity in the country that unites them and creates conditions for living.

Changing the spelling from Ukraine  will be the root condition for solving the problem.