Approve Walk-In Virtual Care Permanently in Ontario

Approve Walk-In Virtual Care Permanently in Ontario

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Bukhtar Khan started this petition to Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario) and

Dear Mr. Ford and Mrs. Elliott,

This Canada Day, we want answers why our healthcare infrastructure doesn't integrate with the 21st century. We want to know why it took a pandemic to take virtual health care seriously. Being Canadian means access to healthcare should be covered and easily accessible for all. But why is it that nearly 5 million Canadians still don't have a family doctor? And why is it that over 1 million Ontarians don't as well?

Why has the healthcare system neglected the people who need care the most, and siloed them to their respective communities.

Canadians need innovation in healthcare. Covid has exposed how our patient model needs to change from supply driven to be demand driven. What does this mean?

  • Availability: When patients need care, doctors should be available. 
  • Provider: Whoever is available to provide urgent care and is qualified to do so should be able to. 
  • Setting: The medium that is most convenient for the patient as well as the physician to provide the best care. 

Cover Health has consulted nearly 100,000 Canadians during COVID-19. We have hundreds of positive reviews on Facebook and Google. Ontarians need this service to continue to provide easily accessible care post COVID and we operate on phone consults. We need your help to get the word out and amplify the importance of patient driven care! 

Here are some reviews

"Great service to have living in an area where it's hard to get a doctor and have been waiting on a list for almost 5 years now." - Rhi Styres

"This was my second time using this service and am 100% amazed!!!!! Knowledgeable, engaging, understanding and thorough!!! I actually prefer using this service than using my family doctor!!!" - Jennifer DelSole-Paine

Cover Health is a great online doctor service to have. I have never experienced such fast and responsive service from a doctor's visit and I am super happy that I found this resource. I was so worried I would need to go into emergency since a Telehealth nurse advised that it would be in my best interest to go but since there is still risks in contracting covid, I was apprehensive so I was referred to CoverHealth instead. The service is very easy and straight forward to use. 10/10 would use this service again. It's even easier than booking an appointment with my family doctor! Thank you so much!" - Emme KY

"FANTASTIC online service . I loved the fact that they guided my parents at each step from discussing their case, to allergies, how to go about ordering their medication from a Pharmacy amidst the whole Covid pandemic.
Thankyou to the staff of Cover health for the wonderful service provided!" - Umaima Motiwala


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!