Take Action Against Short Term Nutrition And Diet Courses Stop Playing With Peoples Health

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Nutrition and Dietetics is a Science that takes years of studying and experience to start practising. For the past decade or so there is a huge demand of nutrition experts, dietitians and diet consultants which resulted in mushrooming of many short term certification courses. These courses are great as upgrading or updating the already qualified people or for someone whose wanting to know abt basic nutrition. But this is no way qualifies the person to practise as a nutritionist and or dietitian. A minimum of Bachelors in Nutrition or Dietetics along with short term internship is the basic requirement for practising. These courses are as short as 3 months and pass out people are prescribing diets to many. Layman doesnt understand the difference easily and is putting their health at risk. Fad weight loss or fat loss diets have put many into critical conditions. Pls helps us stop this, these courses need to be regulated and come under radar. Humble request to take action against these.