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Stop Cutting Trees And Save Environment

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Trees given out oxygen, even because them we have the rains, in short they maintain the ecological balance. If we would cut trees what is going to happen is that population wont stop growing but oxygen in the atmosphere will reduce. Another effect can be scarcity of food and many other problems are attached to it such as less of rains will result in less water for irrigation less water for irrigation would result in less harvest which would again lead to less food and if it continues to happen for a long period of time then it might lead to famine type of situation. The main fact that in process we are cutting trees also taking away homes of may birds and animals who rely solely on trees for their home and food. It is creating imbalance in nature and we all are aware of it. earth in itself is a living organism and nature is its life force which we are destroying leading to our own destruction.

Therefore i request to take a strict action against illegal forest degradation and preserve it for ourselves and coming generation.nature just wants love and care from us, otherwise we are seeing consequences in the form of increased global warming.  For any tree to be cut two trees should be planted before it. If this will continue then our tourist places like kerala, himachal pradesh, uttarakhand, jammu and kashmir, north east India would become concrete jungles like delhi and mumbai and soon weather and natural beauty of these states would no longer be different from urban cities also resulting in decrease in tourism sector.

For our better future we should save our trees and save environment.

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