Stop Caste Reservation, Focus on Financial Conditions only: Make India RESERVATION LESS

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We are happy to face the bold decision by our Honorable PM against Black Money. We are very happy. We are little harassed by this Sudden Announcement of Note Cancellation but Very Much Happy for future India.

Now we are waiting for the announcement of Stopping Caste Reservation. We the Unreserved Peoples are facing a major problem in this society. We are seeing now so many Minority category peoples are depositing a huge amount of money. They do not need any Financial help from Government. But since they are Reserved they are getting it. 

Not only financial help, they have relaxation on Marks obtained in various exams. We are very much suffering from it.

If we need a greater India, then we must remove this partiality. As for example, when it is about a Government officer in an important department, Reserved Category peoples are getting this opportunity with low marks than an unreserved category people. Are they more efficient than those unreserved category people?? Why are they getting chances with their reservation facility?

India is loosing more efficient persons in all department for this reservation rules.

There is no need for the reservation system. Dr. Ambedkar said there is need of reservations for 5-10 years but today it passed so many years and now we In reserved people are facing discrimination in every possible manner from exam fees to getting a job. We are being mentally harassed indirectly in the form of huge exam fee, marks, everything. So this should come to an end.

Indira Gandhi change this rule to unlimited time only and only for vote bank and vote bank make India future bad.

We want one-day Modiji will announce that No Caste Reservation for the better India.

But He can start financial reservations. Who are financially weak, it can be filtered out by their Bank Account Passbook, Aadhar Card, PAN card as all are depositing their money to the Bank by 31st December.

Is it not possible sir?? We are hopeful after seeing your step against Black Money. Only you have that bold spirit to stop this inequality.