No Toll Tax from Personal Vehicles on National or State Highways in across India

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Dear Everyone 

As you all know we all are tax payer and paying Taxes everywhere . When we purchase any new Car for personal purpose we always give Road tax .This is not at all valid and acceptable .So my Points here for not remove Toll tax from all personal cars and Vehicles are as : 

1. We have already paid Road Tax than why should we pay toll tax on every NH

2. We are paying tax in each and everything thing . Tax on Fuel is too much now than why this TOLL TAX ...please remove it 

3. We always unnecessarily gets late for our destination due to the Toll gate long lines for personal cars and vehicles 

4 . I don't  find or accept a single valid  reason why as a personal car owner I should pay this Toll tax 

You guys can also add your points and problems faced due to these toll gates and Toll tax but we a all have to raise voice and come together to remove this TOLL TAX as soon as possible