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Do not deprive Indian farmers from “Right to Technology”! Approve GM Mustard Now

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While our country is reeling under serious agrarian crisis and millions of the farmers wanting to give up farming owing to poor income, bleak future and stress.

 We are appalled as to how anti-activists, and few  misinformed policy influencers are trying to stall the commercialization of GM Mustard, developed indigenously at the Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants in Delhi University.Actually these so called self acclaimed  Anti -Poor activists want our fellow farmer brethren to sit under Banyan tree at least for one more century.

Allegations that the GM technology in Mustard is unsafe are bizarre to the extreme and showcase of lack of scientific knowledge on the subject.

Bio-safety trials are critical and after reviewing all safety dossiers and necessary assessments, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) sub-committee confirmed that GM Mustard has passed the test for toxicity and does not give rise to allergies.

Except India, several countries like Canada, US, Australia and others have provided their farmers with the option to cultivate transgenic Mustard and increase productivity.Allowing the commercialization of GM Mustard will help around 60,000,000  mustard growing India farmers to increase their productivity up to 30% from just one million hectares of the total six million hectares on which mustard is grown.Also, this could potentially help our nation to reduce the burden of importing 14.5 million tons of edible oils valued at  a staggering  $10.5 billion ( INR 69,000 crore  almost 98  %  of net Centre sponsored Scheme ;Core of the core Schemes, Budget of Govt. of India ;

These self acclaimed  anti- activists never protested against the hefty import of cooking oils including imported GM Canola and GM Soybean oil which costs India a lot of money. 

In 2014, around 48 million tons of GM soybean oil was consumed worldwide without any ill effects. Even In India, we annually import three million tons of soybean oil and another 0.4 million tons  of rapeseed oil, which are predominantly GM and  people in our country have been consuming them without any noticeable adverse impact.

After almost 20 years of thorough research by Delhi University and stringent regulatory analysis by the Indian regulator GEAC confirm the safety, efficacy and higher yields of GM Mustard and found it to be safe as conventional mustard and do not post any threat to safety of human beings and environment at large.

Hence, we farmers appeal to the government to immediately intervene into the issue and end this ideological opposition ensuring early commercialization of GM Mustard, in the best interest of the Indian farmers.

Please sign this petition to show your support and help our farmers brethren  to  get their right of getting  best seed technology in general and   DMH-11;GM Mustard in particular .We humbly plead from you all to  stand in solidarity  with us at this adverse situation as few Anti poor people  don't want to see Rural India resurgent and Vibrant .Please help , we Farmers to urge   Indian government that how many more years will require to provide us Right to technology. Through you all we urge  Hon'ble Environment Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan jee,whose initiatives  has converted  our nation Polio free not to deprive the Indian mustard farmers from high yielding GM Mustard DMH-11  technology.



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