Cancel medical examination in India due to this pandemic in regard to student safety

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Regards all the Medical fields and students and myself being one of them
Start this petition on the notice to *cancel the exams of the medical students* throughout the nation so that they be safe in this pandemic situation due to corona virus, where our well being is being ignored by the government of India and all other field of education have already got their promotion without examination!
Just one thing -
Is this *one exam* will lead the nation in future not the rest of our all the preparation throughout till date and moreover which has more than 100 of exams, practicals, theories, education till date being gained nd so on will be , can’t we get a relief from this mental trauma by cancelling just One Exam in this pandemic which is very genuine?
At last - * might be i m just a vote bank number for the people sitting in the chairs but for my family i am the World*! - a medical student!

Now its our turn to protect ourselves sign the petition and protect our families nd all together! ❤️