Stand for the cause that "India is safe for women to travel" and let us create a collaborative structure to ensure safety in India.

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Stand for the cause that "India is safe for women to travel" and let us create a collaborative structure to ensure safety in India.

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Krishna Ganatra started this petition to Shri. Narendra Modi (PM, India)

Team Happy Travelling Girl (HTG) has been constantly talking and connecting with women travellers, most of them passionate and not well-known. What opened up for us is, these women are passionate just because they believed in themselves and had a family supporting them.

For those who are not aware, Happy Travelling Girl is a cause / community that we have created to encourage women to travel and also explore solo travelling. But given the number of rape cases reported in India recently, many women are skeptical. Well, same goes with International travellers wanting to explore India.

When we explored the Incredible India website, this is what I found. A bold, highlighted logo stating "I Respect Woman”. It lead to a micro site which had an advisory from the Government that said 40% of the women in India travel and find it safe, so you should travel cautiously like most Indian women do. Isn't this an irony? First of all, yes, women are respected in India. At least majority of the men do. There are a few morons but they are lesser in number, the good ones outnumber them largely.

And secondly, is the advisory enough? Women in India are travelling and that too solo and the numbers are rapidly increasing. So being one of them, I thought let’s bridge the gap. 

We started HTG with a cause to encourage women to travel, but this isn't possible until we address the safety concerns. Whether its an international traveler wanting to explore India or an Indian women travelling to explore, whether its a solo travel to north-east or a walk to a nearby store at wee hours for an emergency, my train journeys and interactions with people made me present to the mind-set that people carry for the country. And through this project that has to alter.

By this project we want to enroll government of India so that they stand for this cause, and we support them to create a structure to ensure that women can travel safely in India.

Few suggestions that we wish to put forward are - 

• Promoting self-defense and making it mandatory from school level and also create awareness of why should everyone be trained in self-defense. If thought correctly, even a 10 year old kid can make a man fall.

• Promote that India is safe for women to travel. As per Incredible India advisory, 40% of women in India travel and agree that India is safe. But, the rape cases and the hype created around it, has tarnished India’s image internationally and domestically too.

Majority of parents are bothered about a girl’s safety so much that they do not allow her out of home or allow her to go to other cities for jobs. Many girls/ women themselves are too scared. Yes, few handful of us are bold enough to take risks in life and do what we aim for.

You have 40% of women as examples to inspire others, why not bridge this gap?

Why not create a social media platform for women travellers esp. solo travellers (but not restricted to solo travellers) to help each other travel in India? Also, as per our conversation with majority of foreign female travellers, they feel India is not safe to travel. We can bridge this gap by this platform.

• Encourage establishment of budget women hostels/ homestays verified by GOI. You can also take the existing homestays or hostels and create a database or collaborate with brands like Zostels (they have women-only dormitories) and OYO rooms to expand. This network can be a part of the social media network for females to book their stay.

• Since travel also includes travelling in cities, we can have women taxi drivers in various cities especially Delhi. These taxi drivers should be trained in self-defense and you can consider Ola model for the same. Goa is already doing this with their female-only fleet of taxi drivers.

• We can have local female tourist guides at various tourist locations to support people with necessary information about the place and things to do and things not to do.

The basic thought behind this is that rather than waiting for an incident to happen we should create a structure to avoid one.

Look forward for your support!

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This petition had 183 supporters