A committee to verify the correctness of rape cases before arresting of the man

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After the infamous 2012 gang rape of a student on a bus in Delhi, the number of rape cases reported to police in India rose sharply. But one survey concluded that in Delhi, in 2013-14, more than half of these reports were "false" - fuelling claims by male activists that women are alleging rape in order to extort money from men.

When a man is accused to have such charges.He loses everything his reputation, money, freedom, job. He is arrested without investigation just on the statement of the victim as per the current law. 

he loses all his social dignity. Even after court burry him from the charges.He is not able to recover from the mental trauma he faces during the trail. 

Several similar cases can be seen in the link of the news report by BBC crime.

To avoid this, There must be a committee to verify the circumstantial evidence before the arrest of the man. 

The reason because you should sign it - See false accusation can be made on anyone.It can be on you, your son, your brother, your husband or maybe a close friend of you.So don't you think this accusation should be verified by a dignitary to protect your beloved from the problem?

Remember false cases are filled only to harm you its not your fault.