Proper pain relief for the terminal and the chronic pain patient sufferers!!!!

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The recent change’s in prescribing opioids needs to be overhauled, your are denying the chronic pain patients and terminally ill patients the right to live their natural lives as much as pain free as possible.

You are putting millions into the injecting rooms where people can safetly inject a prohibited drug, yet you talk about an opioid crisis, stop blaming the actual sick people who cannot get out of bed and do minimal tasks!

People are commiting suicide as the result of not being properly weaned off their medications as per policy and all you can talk about is how many lives the injecting rooms will save?

Do the right thing and give the chronic pain and the terminal patients , the right to make the decision about their pain medication and not take it away from them, Instead of treating them as drug addicts and hiding them away from society out of sight out of mind! WE ARE NOT DRUG ADDICTS, this has to stop HERE!