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More play for disabled children in ALL parks

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After witnessing an 11 year old disabled girl have a mental breakdown in the park yesterday because she hates going to the park as there is nothing for her to do.. 

I need to make a change for her and anyone else who finds this a problem..

Elle is 11 she has cerebral palsy... she's confined to a wheel chair as she cannot walk alone unaided. This means anything she wants to do at the park someone has to do it with her... this is not an issue if there was actually something for her to play on?? Not a swing a slide a roundabout that she can go on without a MASSIVE struggle.

All parks baring 1 that I know of have no play for disabled children... this is crazy... why should they suffer because there not seen as been able to climb stairs or jump on a swing... it's so unfair and heart breaking for them to watch other kids running around playing... something needs to be done.

I believe evan a swing for disabled children in EVERY park could make a MASSIVE difference in children's lives. 

In the picture above Elle can be seen playing on the a swing in the ONE park that has disabled play!! Look how happy she is!!!

Please let's make it happen. 

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