More Mental Health and Early Intervention funding in Primary and Secondary schools.

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More and more children are starting Secondary School and feeling like failures before they have even started.  Extra pressure is added to our children's lives because they are asked to grow up before they are ready.  Not all children are subject to this but it is a growing concern and one I have been at the forefront with my own children.

We nurture them when they are babies and in nursery, but has soon has they start primary school we and the statistics police are all over them to reach a certain stage in reading,maths,science and PE.  I appreciate that school have learnt to find ways of helping children with their learning and how each child learns but with class sizes only growing by the term, is this way of learning going to be possible in the future? or are the kids that are not academic and need a different understanding of the curriculum going to be left behind?

I have two very different children but they both have there issues separately.  My 12 year old is shy and not confident and has always been quiet in class and has at times been ignored to some degree because of this.  I did raise this with his school and he was 'observed' and nothing became of it because he did not hit the correct criteria to be seen by any 'costly' professionals.   

Now he is 12 and started High school over twelve months ago, in that twelve months he has left the house a handful of times cause he is scared that he will fail cause of the pressure high school placed on him when he walked through the door.  After a continuous fight with his High School, him Primary School, several doctors referrals to cahms and he was turned down.  The only way I got a doctor to come to my house and evaluate him; i cried to the receptionist at my doctors surgery, from this I gained a home visit and she diagnosed him with Agoraphobia and referred once again to camhs, this time he was accepted. 

The fight that I had to get this assistance in place has taken me over a year, and I have had to get authorities involved that I never thought I would have to deal with.  I have had to cry and even beg to get answers cause no one knows who deals with what.  At one point I was going backwards and forwards between the doctors and the school not knowing who would help me, and was told I would get heavy fined if I did not send my child to school, when has a mother you know when something is not right with your child but you are being told that there is no help available cause again you do not match the criteria. 

0.7% of NHS budget is placed on children's mental health, and only 16% of this is on early intervention. 

Children and young people need the tools to help them through all these challenges and I believe that if more was spent on early intervention then hopefully these children will not require so much mental health support later in life. 

*Frith, E. (2016) CentreForum Commission on Children and Young People’s Mental Health: State of the Nation

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