Give Wildlife the Green Light - Build Wildlife Tunnels to save the Common Toad

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The sight of a Common Toad fills many of us with memories of our childhoods, overturning old logs or buckets and finding these bumpy, grumpy creatures hiding beneath. Their incredible golden eyes have filled our imaginations and folklore with tales of potions and warty skin - they’re woven into our culture and psyche. But sadly the Common Toad is no longer common - and it’s up to us to save them.

I joined the charity Froglife to fight to save these amazing animals, but we are running out of time. Due to habitat reduction and a huge number of road deaths, this otherworldly but endearing species has declined in the UK by 68% in the last 30 years. If this continues, we could lose all our Common Toads by 2030.

But there is something we can do to save the species - build wildlife tunnels. These are tunnels built under our roads to help amphibians and reptiles cross them safely. They’re fast becoming a viable option to aid our ailing wildlife. We need to start linking important habitats together and reduce the negative impacts our urban infrastructure is having on our precious British wildlife. Wildlife tunnels are the best, most cost-effective route to take. It is time to make a stand for wildlife.

Please sign this petition for wildlife tunnels and let’s save the Common Toad - before it’s too late.