CCTV in nursing homes

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The protection and care of our loved ones in nursing homes. If all areas had cameras not only would they be protected from failing care but also can be monitored 24/7. They would not have to be disturbed unless they have to be as most care homes have a time check system, things can go wrong in between checks. Carers could easily see if there’s a problem. Carers can see from their desk around corners. One person could alert the staff immediately on an emergency instead of waiting till the residence time check. Injury’s accidentally or not will be explained instead of covered up by someone. Staff would be protected by better working conditions but most of all our loved ones would received the care they deserve too much is covered up while we think our loved ones are in the best place. If nursing homes reject this idea then they have something to hide. It’s not so much to catch people out it’s just to make sure things are done right. Most of the time there’s not enough staff but cameras would be an extra set of eyes and can alert quicker. In rooms when personal care is taken place the cameras could be switch to audio. Our elderly need protection and it the best Way to help them. Let us see what’s happening when we not able to be there, I don’t want anyone to suffer unnecessary like my mum just has please let’s get it law and get our care and nursing home a good safe place to be. It’s too late for my mum she had unexplained bruising and was left dehydrated many times, she had dementia so she couldn’t  tell anyone how she was feeling like most people with dementia they rely on the carers to help them and keep them fed and hydrated . All care/nursing homes should want this and if they don’t they have something to hide let’s stamp it out, care,  safety, kindness and protection, these will all improve just by installing cameras please help to protect these vulnerable people who are there for no others reason than to receive care from professionals. Let’s protect both residence and good  staff from the lazy uncaring people who think it’s ok to not be on top of their job and responsibilities it’s a hard job  let’s help to make it easier by everyone doing it right the best way they can let’s get the managers and owners seeing what goes on 24/7 let them take some pressure for a change but most of all let’s protect every single resident in every single nursing home because believe me they are not as nice as you think when you visit all seems ok our loved ones with dementia can’t tell us what they have had to put up with and if they do we are unable to validate the information because of there condition and staff can cover it up let’s get it sorted and help them all