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Bereavement leave for immediate family to be minimum of 4 weeks paid from every employeer

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I would like to start this petition because i lost my dad suddenly in 2015 to a heartattack i was 25 years old at the time,but it doesnt matter how old you are losing a parent is devastating. The bereavement leave was only 5 days paid from work. I ended up having 6 weeks off to plan for the funeral and to deal with my own greif, but because  i didnt have enough sick days left, and they only give you 5 days off i ended up having over £800 taken off my pay at work i was left with £300 to last me a whole month when i pick up 4x that on a normal wage packet. I had a funeral to pay for aswell as other living expenses. I dont understand how any employer can think that having 5 DAYS off work is enough time to grieve for your immediate family members. The funeral alone can take sometime aswell as sorting everything else out. �My uncle passed away on saturday 11-11-2017 hes kids are back at work already because of thier employers are  only giving them 2-3 days bereavement this isnt fair at all!!! To everyone who has lost anyone i urge you to help me get enough signatures to let this go to parliment! I am doing this petition to urge to the goverment to change bereavement leave to a minimum of 4 weeks paid from any employer. 

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