Help ban the use of glass in pubs and clubs.

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My baby girl was out celebrating her 18th birthday when she was struck in the face by a glass. That terrible dreaded phone call when you are called to say your child has been hurt changes everything. I am setting up a petition to stop this from happening to others and to share our experience.

Jess went into Huddersfield town centre to celebrate her 18th birthday but ended up getting glassed in her face instead. Jess was left with a gaping wound in her forehead after getting caught in the crossfire in a bar brawl.She had only been in Five Bar in Cross Church Street for 20 minutes when the incident happened. Jess was just minding her own business buying a drink when she was aware something was happening as she could hear raised voices and glass smashing. Jess said “One of the women threw a drink and it splashed me so I grabbed a napkin from the bar and looked down to clean it off my arm. Jess said "A man was getting glasses form and overhead rack at the bar and launching them across the room". One of the glasses missed his indented victim and hit Jess. Jess at first was unaware the glass had hit her until she looked down and saw the blood pouring down her face. Jess said "I couldn’t see out of my left eye because there was so much blood", she then fainted which she thought was due to the shock. The staff at five looked after Jess really well taking her upstairs to receive first aid. We then went to the bar to collect Jess to take her to the local hospital where we asked for the wound to be glued shut instead of stitched, to help reduce the scaring if at all possible.

Jessica experience has been traumatic and she is in the middle of doing her A Level exams. This should not have happened. I posted an appeal to identify the man on Facebook and it was shared more than 2219 times with so many comments including other mums experiences were this had happened to their child too, on an innocent night out. 

If plastic cups where used for all drinks served in clubs and bars then Jessica's night would have ended so differently. 

Official figures show over 300 glassing attacks occur each week across the UK, it is so dangerous using glasses particularly in busy city centres bars and nightclubs. 

A spokesperson for Five Bar said: “We have done everything right that we could have done and we’re devastated, but it’s just the nature of the beast."

I feel very strongly that this isn't the case, something should be done and campaigning to get all glass items removed from nightclubs across the UK to prevent the number of serious injuries cased by pub violence.

Medical organisations want licensed premises to use tumblers made of a shatter-proof plastic called polyunsaturated glassware. Trials in the Hull and Lancashire have shown the witch reduces the number of serious facial and neck injuries, that sometimes can be fatal. 

Since the introduction of the trial in Hull in 2008, nobody has been injured because of glassing and the local NHS has saved £7.2m in surgery costs. When glass is used as a weapon, it can damage arteries and major blood vessels around the face and neck and and may endanger life. It often causes wounds which require extensive surgery and lead to lifelong disfigurements through scares around the face. 

I think it is a good idea to make plastic glasses compulsory, by using shatter-proof plastic polyunsaturated glassware that can be reused over and over again which are very difficult to break, long term will save the clubs, pubs and breweries money and stop all the dreadful injuries cased by glass. 

I don't think it will necessary decrease the violence, but it will reduce the consequences of drunken brawls. 

The consequences of the male that did this to Jessica, she will now have to live with and I hope something can be done to change the law here as well.

So please support my petition, I have spoken to our local councillor at Kirklees council, Lisa Holmes and I have her full support to help take this to the government to get the legislation changed but need all your help please. 

 Thank you, Alexa and Jessica.