If you remain NEUTRAL on matters of "inequality and injustice" you have chosen a side!

If you remain NEUTRAL on matters of "inequality and injustice" you have chosen a side!

July 31, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Uniqueka Rhodes

We are seeking to commute or vacate the sentence of Mitchell Houston James who was given 3 life sentences for 3 counts of DUI Manslaughter in Tampa Fl.

We need you to join forces with us in obtaining 10,000 signatures to advocate for Justice and Equality for Mitchell Houston James and all others who are affected by the cancer of inequality!!

Petitions that meet a certain threshold of signatures are typically reviewed by Administration Officials who prepare and issue an official response. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

DUI manslaughter under Florida law is a serious second-degree felony punishable by up to fifteen (15) years in Florida State prison and a $10,000 fine. Florida law requires a minimum mandatory sentence of four-year imprisonment for any person convicted of DUI manslaughter. Section 316.193(3)(c)3, Florida Statute.

Mitchell James has been incarcerated in Florida Department of Corrections for 21 years and with gain time he will have served 26 years. He has had NO disciplinary actions throughout his 21 years of incarceration.  This exemplary record is indicative of an individual who willingly follows rules and regulations without being forced.

Mitchell Houston James was not given a fair or equal trial.  His trial was inundated with exculpatory evidence, NEPOTISM, inadequate investigations, inconsistent statements, destroyed and lost evidence.  Please review the series of inconsistencies and conflicts of interests in this case below:

1.  Mitchell Houston James'  Defense Team's private investigators discover Nepotism while in the middle of the Mitchell Houston James' trial.  The investigative reports confirmed that the Assistant State Attorney (Tamlyn Sbar) who was previously employed by the 13th Judicial Circuit court in Tampa Fl was the Aunt of the victim (Majid Tahiri) in Mitchell James' case. 

2. The Lead Homicide Detective, Candace Fishal, who was responsible for all evidence collected at the scene of the crime allowed for evidence to be lost, damaged and/or destroyed prior to trial. She had no Physics degree and was not an expert in "Accident Reconstructions." The toxicology reports indicated that all victims in the case of Mitchell Houston James were impaired at the time of the accident.  Police reports at the scene further showed the presence of Xanax, Marijuana, Hash along with fake Identification cards in the victim's vehicle and on their person.  These reports show the victims were equally negligent in the accident. However, at trial the Judge and Prosecuting team suppressed all evidence of impairment of the victims and the possession of illegal drugs from jury and the press.

3. The Judge Cynthia Holloway, received disciplinary action by the Judicial Qualifications Commission in Tallahassee Fl for abusing her authority and position of judge to exert power in getting leverage in the court room and in courtroom proceedings.

Even with all these inconsistencies, unethical behavior, Nepotism, lost evidence and hidden drug possession reports of the victims; Judge Cynthia Holloway and the prosecuting team denied Mitchell Houston James Attorney's request for a Dismissal or Mistrial. 

Judge Cynthia Holloway and Prosecuting team later sentenced Mitchell Houston James to 3 life sentences although she had previously granted Michael Dale Jones, a white man to 15 year with more charges.  Michael Dale Jones, white man was charged with 3 counts of DUI Manslaughter, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest, Grand Theft and Possession of MSMA and was still sentenced to 15 years.  

The attitude and unethical behavior of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court is barbaric privilege, repulsive, wreaks of oppressive psychological manipulation, abuse of authority and systemic racism at its finest.

This is a true testament as to why "Prison Reform" especially in Florida is crucial. The exposure of the varying trends of inequality gives our nation the perfect opportunity to correct social injustice and inequality.

We are now seeking assistance to commute or vacate Mitchell Houston James 3 life sentences and request that his punishment be fair and equal to all others convicted and punished with similar crimes according to Florida Statutes.  

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Signatures: 260Next Goal: 500
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