Stop FDOC from taking our family visitation time away.

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Mr. Scott

The Florida Department of Corrections plans to cut visit time in half starting on April 7 2018. As a taxpayer and concerned citizen as well as a family member of an inmate we are concerned at the effect this will have on the rehabilitation progress of the inmates and the families as well as the safety of the institutions and the public upon inmates release. We as family need our time with our loved ones and they need this time as well.

Mountains of evidence and decades of experience demonstrate that inmate contact with family and friends — direct, face-to-face contact — helps to repair and retain the ties that are crucial to the inmates' successful return to normal life once their terms are completed. Visits help curb inmate discipline problems and violence.

People who aren't abandoned have a much better chance of succeeding. Social bonds decrease the likelihood of offending outside of prison. Bonds with family, friends, and community members can help inmates maintain positive behavior during incarceration. This is a proven fact.

Inmate visitation, can provide a key source of informal control as well which is a good thing for everyone. Visitation also improves prisoner behavior by improving prisoners’ perceptions of and attitudes towards the prison system and its staff . For example, Inmates who behave and in return gain access to privileges like visitation may be more likely to perceive that the prison system acts in a way that is fair and justifiable. In turn, they may be more likely to conform to prison rules. However by taking even a day of visitation away you then show them that you are not fair and that no matter how hard they are working to achieve a better way of life the system will still suppress them.

We are presenting this petition to you to ask that you do not cut our visitation time and cause this further burden on innocent families and children who are already in a struggle to hold the family unit together as it is. We also ask on the behalf of the staff that you have working because they do not need the tension and the anger thrown back upon them in an already stressed environment.

You say the goal is to make these men and women into productive citizen for their release yet you are taking steps to take away the only real incentive these inmates have to do well. You are taking a child away from the few hours of bonding with the parents and you are breaking apart the family unit.

The fact is that the MAJORITY of those on the visit are well behaved inmates and they are being punished for what your staff (just read the press) and a few other inmates are doing. You are punishing good upstanding citizens for the actions of a few and we ask that you please do not carry through with this and that you allow us to continue our visits every weekend as we have been doing.


Jewie Tryon & Families of Inmates as well as concerned taxpayers.