Wait Three Days to Save a Life: A mandatory waiting period for the purchase of firearms

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Wait Three Days to Save a Life is a campaign aimed at reducing deaths caused by firearms and is primarily focused on decreasing injury and death from suicide and domestic violence by means of firearms. The United States is in the middle of a gun violence epidemic. On average, 100 Americans are killed every day with guns, and of these deaths, two thirds are the result of suicide attempts. The success rate of suicide by firearm is at an alarmingly high rate of 85%, as opposed to the 5% sucess rate of all other methods. In addition, an average of 52 women each month are killed by firearms in domestic disputes, while one million American women have survived being shot or shot at in a domestic dispute and an additional 4.5 million have received death threats by firearm in a domestic dispute. These numbers are far greater than those of other developed countries, and the prevalence of gun violence that exists in our society must be addressed. 

Tremendous strides have already been taken, including but not limited to the passing of Red Flag Laws and limiting production and possession of high capacity firearms, but this is not enough. More measures need to be taken to create a more comprehensive plan for gun reform to reduce gun deaths in America and to prevent many cases of domestic violence and suicide incidents. By introducing a waiting period between the purchase of a gun and the possession of guns, we can prevent these rash choices that result in harm to one’s self and others. 

If there exists a waiting period before one can possess a firearm after purchase, then the number of injuries and deaths by firearm in suicide attempts and domestic disputes will decrease, because time will have passed before one can posess a firearm, allowing emotions to change and arguments to resolve and allow more time for Red Flag Laws to be utilized to prevent posession of a firearm by someone who is dangerous to themselves or others. Instituting a waiting period does not prevent anyone from obtaining or possessing a firearm; law abiding citizens may still purchase a firearm, the only caveat being that one must wait a short period before physically possessing the firearm. This law does not infringe upon Second Amendment Rights of gun owners, but it does establish a system that has been proven to reduce gun violence.

We, the signatories of this petition, demand that Governor Scott and the legislators of  Vermont institute a waiting period on the purchase of all firearms sold in the state of Vermont.