Justice For James Ellis: Wrongful Conviction With Actual & Factual Proof

Justice For James Ellis: Wrongful Conviction With Actual & Factual Proof

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Candace Hudson started this petition to Govenor Mike DeWine and

Everyone should be upset by this miscarriage of justice. On Jan 29, 1994 James Ellis was arrested for a crime that occurred 5 yrs prior on or around Jan 11, 1989. Mr Ellis is currently sitting in Marion Correctional after 26yrs of wrongful incarceration. Mr Ellis was indicted for aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and rape. Here are the facts about his case:

-James Ellis’ fingerprints, that had been on file since he was a juvenile, were ran 3 times and each time came back that they did NOT match.
-The fingerprint that was linked to James Ellis was a partial thumbprint also linked to 17 other people.
-DNA evidence came back that James Ellis did NOT rape the victim. Mr Ellis was NOT convicted of her rape.
-Lead investigator Darrell Reid would testify that he had an affair with James Ellis’ girlfriend Ms Harper. But in fact Ms. Harper was the estranged common law wife of 17yrs to Reid who left him to be with Mr Ellis. She never did take the stand.
-James Ellis was previously pistol whipped by Darrell Reid but there was no complaint on file. However Springdale police department would testify that they in fact took a statement from Mr Ellis along with pictures of his face and advised him to go to Mercy South Hospital. Hospital reports confirmed Mr Ellis had an eye injury due to a police beating. James Ellis was not supposed to be at the Woodlawn police department that day because the traffic tickets he was picked up for were from Springdale.
-Questions arose about the “evidence gathering procedures”. Darrell Reid collected DNA evidence but stuck it in his pocket and left the scene to run an errand across town, going against department protocol. When Reid was asked where his notes on this very high profile case were over the years, he stated that he had left them at the department and thinks when they did spring cleaning the evidence got thrown out.
-Assistant prosecutor Russell would say about the fingerprint “no matches but all kinds of crime scene evidence” but lead investigator Reid said someone apparently tried to clean up the house “we could not even find fingerprints of the victim in her own home”.
-Karen Byrd, EMT and neighbor to the victim saw investigators Donald Moxley & Darrell Reid arrive. When she got to the crime scene Moxley & Reid were doing paperwork inside the house. She said Moxley was putting on the paperwork that he was 1st at the crime scene but she said to them that Reid was the 1st one in the house, they began arguing back and forth and then asked her to leave. She wanted to testify at the trial but was not put on the stand.
-Darrell Reid had many discrepancies in his testimony and was suspended from the department after he took the stand.

Since his incarceration, Mr Ellis has completed all programs offered to him. His security level has been dropped to the lowest level which is the reintegration camp. It wasn't until his 10yr continuance in 2015 at the Ohio Parole Board that he decided to fight his case. This is where his case takes a turn, not only was there judicial misconduct as mentioned above but there was also a severe miscarriage of justice in his sentencing. 

Here are the discrepancies in James Ellis' sentencing along with the appeals he has filed and the answers he has received back.
-In 2019 James Ellis filed a writ of habeas corpus in the Supreme Court. They dismissed the writ and told him he only had life imprisonment to do. He filed an appeal to the 1st Appellate Court in Cincinnati. They said his life imprisonment meant life without parole.
-Mr Ellis then sent a kite to the Uma of Marion Correctional asking her what his sentence was. She said his sentence was 20-life and 10-25 with an actual 10yrs ran consecutively.
-He then sent a kite to the Bureau of Sentencing Computation (BOSCO) and they told him he's doing 30-life and 10-25 with an actual 10yrs. Mr Ellis then sent a letter to BOSCO and they returned a letter stating they were authorized to translate his sentence to 20yrs. 20-life and a 10-25.
-The sentencing sequence is illegal, they put the actual 10yrs behind a definite life sentence but the life sentence will never expire. All actual time has to be served before any other sentence, according to Ohio law. Also the life sentence is illegal, there is not a sentence in the books that explains the sentence of life imprisonment.
-The murder and burglary charges that Mr Ellis is in prison for, he was found not guilty of by a jury. Once he was found not guilty he was immune for those charges.    -Mr Ellis has proof of his innocence.

In the interest of justice Mr James Ellis is asking for the courts to do the right thing, right their wrongs and give him his freedom.

Mr Ellis remains a model prisoner ready to reintegrate into society. He is continuing to fight for his freedom. He has strong support from family and friends. He would like to thank everyone in advance for their support. You can get updates on his journey at https://www.facebook.com/justiceforjamesellis/


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!