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In 1973, the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade ruled that women had the constitutional right to abortion services. Since Roe v Wade, several states have enacted laws requiring women seeking an abortion to attend anti-abortion counselling or to wait 24 hours or more for the procedure. Kentucky is one of these states. Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin has been using legislation reforms to shut down abortion clinics state-wide. The last abortion clinic standing is the EMW Women’s surgical center in Louisville. Without these services women are faced with economic hardship, emotional distress, as well as health issues. The limiting of access to abortions does not stop women from obtaining the services they seek. Instead, it forces women to find ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy themselves resulting in hazardous and even fatal health issues. Women are an essential part of our economy as well as society and their rights just as any other human being should be protected.This legislation is parallel with past acts of slavery in the sense of stripping one's right to bodily autonomy while their bodies are regulated by laws. By enforcing anti-abortion laws, humanity is being taken away when a woman's right to her own body is revoked and controlled by outside forces. Stand with women in Kentucky, nationally, and globally for the right to choose! Our future generations and our daughters and granddaughters rights depend on it!

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