Help Retired RCMP Aux. Cst. DEREK BOND receive the Medal of Bravery.

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On January 17th, 2015 both Aux. Cst. Derek Bond and Cst. David Wynn, with the RCMP,  approached a career criminal who they discovered had stolen a vehicle outside a casino in St. Albert, Alberta. Derek was shot first with 4 holes in his arm and then went in his chest and out his back. Cst. Wynn then went to contain the criminal, Shawn Rehn, and unfortunately was fatally shot in the left side of his head.

Earlier this spring it was made public that Cst Wynn would be receiving the Medal of Bravery and Derek would NOT. Derek Bond will be forever changed and will live with this nightmare for the rest of his life. He put himself forward to protect the citizens of St. Albert that night with no protection as an Auxiliary member. Derek's bravery is going unrecognized.

To add insult to injury Derek received a letter stating he would receive a Certificate of Commendation with the following criteria quoted " The Certificate of Commendation is issued to individuals who, despite the minimal risk to their lives, have made a significant contribution by providing assistance to another person in a selfless manner, or have actively participated in a rescue operation." There is nothing minimal about the risk Aux. Cst. Bond took that night of January 17th, 2015. He took the greatest risk while putting himself in harms way, risking his life, to protect others.

Derek Bond deserves to be acknowledged for his selfless bravery. Derek is a Hero and deserves the Medal of Bravery.