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Elizabeth Harding Weinstein started this petition to Govenor Cuomo and

We are concerned citizens of the world who stand up for our inalienable rights and freedoms.

We have watched in horror at the government abuse of Elizabeth Harding Weinstein, an articulate and outspoken advocate, who has called out judicial corruption and human rights violations.   The egregious judicial abuse Ms. Harding Weinstein has endured has garnished international attention.

We have witnessed the false arrest & imprisonment of Ms. Harding Weinstein that was initiated because she could not medically tolerate a mask.

How could Judge Howard T Code, if he was law abiding, remand anyone to prison for seven weeks for this?   It is an admission of Judge’s Code guilt and retaliation.

We saw the Briarcliff Police department willing abuse of power and abuse of Ms. Harding Weinstein.  

We witnessed the hypocrisy of government officials Philip Zegarelli and Rori Zirman denying Ms. Harding Weinstein her constitutional rights to the services of her government because she could not medically tolerate a mask and initiating arrests for such.  We saw those very same government officials, moments later, not wearing a mask themselves, while talking to others.  

Ms. Zirman and Mr. Zegarelli’s actions are an appalling display of egregious government hypocrisy and corruption.   There is no health concern in those government officials, only the need to unlawfully and unconstitutionally control and coerce a law abiding citizen.

Following Ms. Harding Weinstein’s filing of a US Federal 1983 case (7-21-cv-0996-CS) in the Southern District of New York against the abuses and corruption, we witnessed the retaliatory police kidnapping of Ms. Harding Weinstein and her false Imprisonment.

It is clear to everybody Elizabeth Harding Weinstein‘s competency is not in question.  She is an outspoken advocate who speaks intelligently in almost daily videos seen worldwide.

We are infuriated by Judge Howard T Code’s bogus declaration of Ms. Harding Weinstein as “incompetent,” his retaliatory involuntary commitment of Ms. Harding Weinstein at St Vincents Medical Center in Harrison, New York, the hospital’s unlawful participation, and Judge Anne E Minihan’s unnecessary continued commitment of Ms. Harding Weinstein and malicious Order of medications over objections.   All of the above was clearly meant to threaten, torture and harm a healthy 49 year old highly functional woman who was on no medications her whole life.  

The cocktail of haldol injections, lithium, depakote, Zyprexa, ativan and others shows an unlawful broad umbrella of highly toxic medications clearly intended to harm and threaten Ms. Harding Weinstein’s health and functionality.    It was an Order for a modern day lobotomy by medication, willfully ordered by a government official.

Despite the New York Judiciary’s best efforts, Ms. Harding Weinstein remains competent and capable.    The competency of the Judiciary abusing Ms. Harding Weinstein is also not in question: they are incompetent to their job.

We are alarmed by the United State’s Judiciary current apparent unlawful ability to retaliate against outspoken advocates, imprison them, declare them “incompetent,” and physically harm them, all in plain, unapologetic  view.

These severe and egregious Judicial abuses, and abuses of Mental Hygiene Laws, will not go unnoticed.   

You can not declare advocates for constitutional rights “incompetent” as a means to avoid accountability for government or judicial malfeasance.

You can not falsely imprison and medicate people to silence the truth.

We know the truth.
We will not be silenced.
We the People will defend our inalienable and constitutional rights.
We stand with Elizabeth Harding Weinstein.


1. Throw out any bogus claims of Elizabeth Harding Weinstein’s incompetency in a court of law.

2. Remove Judges Howard T Code and Anne E Minihan from the bench.   Their undeniable actions are clear and convincing evidence of abusing their judicial powers to commit criminal acts. 

3. Recuse Judge Cathy Seibel from Federal Case 7-21-cv-0996-CS.  There is clear evidence of impropriety as Ms. Seibel replaced Judge Karas without cause, immediately dismissed the Judges and District Attorneys from the case, and issued Orders in the case prior to it being served and while denying Ms. Harding Weinstein emergency access to the Court during her false Imprisonment.

4. Launch an investigation into the Court Corruption in widespread Westchester County.  

5. Launch an investigation into the false Imprisonments at St Vincents Medical Center in Harrison, NY.

6. Launch an investigation into Mental Hygiene Legal Services who are employed by the NY Courts, including Ms. Melissa Toothill who gatekept Ms. Harding Weinstein’s access to the Court, refused to file Ms. Harding Weinstein’s petitions timely, refused to file any of Ms. Harding Weinstein’s affidavits in advance.  

7. Sponsor bills to end Judicial Immunity.   Without accountability we live in tyrrany. 




1,026 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!