A pension Raise for people on Disability Pensions

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Disability Pensioners cannot survive on the money they receive from Centrelink! Most people  cannot  possibly survive on the Disability  Pension. Many people are homeless because the Pension is too low  and they do go with out a lot of things , eg  medical and medications  just to name a few  or to be able to rent any accommodation in Australia, It is even worse for people on Job Search, New Start and other Center Link Payments so How about some of these Billion airs pay more taxes and the low incomers get more money, sounds fair too me..... Why is it that those who make it harder for the innocent, its us the innocent that suffer the most . Come on Government you promise to help us but its never forth coming  how about proving us wrong Touble is Mr Morrison  you are only in it for the million and Billionaire's basically  your attitude  is stuff the low in commers and people  who are on disability pensions unemployment payments and other payment we DON'T  MATTER.  We do im fighting for fairness  not lies