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Rename R Street for Jay Mohan

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May 15, 2015
To Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania,
and to the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia:
We hold these Truths to be self-evident:
Mr. Vijay Krishna Mohan
(September 2, 1988 - May 10, 2015)
was an American patriot who - in a very unique way -
stood for liberty and justice for all. 
He worked tirelessly, and with magnanimous patience
and incomparable artistic, technical and scientific skills;
with empathy and in a spirit of wisdom and brotherhood;
in order to form a more perfect empowerment
on the part of others, for liberty and justice for all.
His selfless dedication knew no boundaries,
he was as syncretic and inclusive in his philosophy
as the ancient potentate Chandragupta.
The good results of his work with others, combined with
his fine personal qualities and traits, have only just begun
to be felt worldwide - and it is on a world scale which
Jay was working to advance justice and liberty.
In particular, Jay worked so that the Cradle of Liberty
would not become a house divided against itself.
Accordingly, one of the best unofficial memorials to Jay
would be a renewed dedication on the part of all
who were fortunate enough to know him, to ensure
that his spiritual style of brotherhood will stand
the test of time.
On May 10, 2015, we, the people of the Cradle of Liberty -
shockingly, unexpectedly and with sudden force -
began to become
aware of a tragedy of great spiritual magnitude.
Jay's family, friends, and those who Jay worked with
became united in our grief, for it was on that day that
we lost our own personal beloved Mahatma, an honorific
which means "Great Soul" in Hindi; and which is rarely
assigned; in this instance, it fits.
This loss was as untimely, and as difficult to fathom,
as the sudden loss of others whose names you may
know or be partially familiar with:
Mumtaz Mahal, or John Lennon, or Stephen Biko,
or Frederic Bulsara, or Tyler Clementi - whose father
gave some good post-tragedy advice in terms of Jay's
own mantra, all of us trying to be better people:
"You are going to meet a lot of people in your lifetime.
You are not going to like all of them.
Just because you may not like them,
does not mean that you have to work against them."
When, in the course of human events, we are
stunned by such a loss which wounds our hearts
not only once, but with repeated injuries; we feel the
candid need to restore the equal karma of Nature,
and the world, with an altogether
fitting and proper testimonial.
Accordingly, we hereby petition the Mayor and
City Council and the Governor of the Cradle of Liberty,
to officially rename the 600 block section of Ranstead Street
in Philadelphia, PA, USA
in order to consecrate this place forever as a memorial
to a fallen hero of truth and justice, who left us too early,
and who worked tirelessly in his own ingenious way
so that these words, first uttered in Pennsylvania 
in 1863, may continue to ring true forever; that
Government of the people,
by the people and for the people

shall not perish from the earth.
Jay, we hardly knew ye; but what we did know showed
incomparable promise.
The section of Ranstead Street to be officially renamed
in your honor will not obliterate the original name,
in order that travelers and map-readers
will not be unduly inconvenienced by the
change of name.
In fact, the naming of this section of Ranstead Street
may even be of ultimate greater assistance to travelers
as time goes by.
The section of Ranstead Street which is proposed
to be renamed
Ranstead Street / Vijay Mohan Avenue,
most fittingly starts westbound from the Liberty Bell Pavilion,
and ends at North Seventh Street - which is the street of the
former residence of an American poet who himself has
an avenue named after him
in Paris, France: the great poet Edgar Allan Poe.
It is also the street of the former (and unlawfully destroyed
via official action as of March 2005) residence of the
songwriter and your petitioner:
Scott Davis
Chairman, Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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