Make public recycling bins mandatory in the U.K

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Plastic waste is arguably one of the biggest issues and poses the most threats to our planet than any of the other major causes of climate change. With one TONNE of plastic entering the oceans EVERY SECOND, it is clear that something needs to change. Plastic is a killer to marine life and also poses severe threats to the environment and the human population. Recycling of plastic means that the harmful and toxic chemicals found in the material will not be left in landfills or poured into the ocean where it will cause problems- and will instead be made into another plastic product which also reduces the Co2 emissions from excessive factory production lines. However, it is estimated that a staggering two-thirds of plastic packaging used in consumer products each year are not recycled. In figures, of the 1.5 millions tonnes of recyclable plastic waste used by consumers of Britain in 2015, only 500,000 tonnes were recycled. (Recoup UK household plastics collection survey). This figure is considerably below the national average. Recycling groups have identified a number of reasons why this figure is so low; However, one cause is that there is a “lack of provision of recycling services by local authorities”. I very rarely see recycling bins public and honestly, I don’t know why they aren’t more accessible. With an estimated 13 billion plastic bottles alone bought In the UK each year, many bought in public- there is definitely a need for recycling bins in public- as many people will simply throw their plastic waste away in general waste bins. With the provision of accessibility to recycling facilities, it is possible that we can reduce plastic waste and do our bit to help save the planet.