Leniency in assessment/exam marks for all university students affected by UCU/UUK strike

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61 universities have taken part in strike action over the UCU/UUK pensions row.

We, the students, have lost out on almost four weeks of teaching and support from our lecturers and university staff.

This has critically affected the education of all students spanning all years. We have missed out on tutorials, lectures and seminars, contact time with our tutors, dissertation guidance, essay feedback and much more over the past four weeks. During this time we have stood in solidarity with our lecturers in full support, with little protest on the damage to our grades at the end of the year. It is only fair and justified that our tutors and the institution give back the same support and empathy, we have been educationally disadvantaged with zero consideration.

Minor forms of compensation offered have been inconsistent throughout universities and departments, and have not been enough to make up for the tuition losses students have faced. Clear guidelines need to be implemented across all departments to mitigate our assessments, as this is not a matter where departments may pick and choose how they deal with our education. Our learning has been commodified, therefore we demand a percentage decrease in assessment criteria for the exams, dissertations, essays and any other form of assessment that has been affected by strike action for all students on all courses.

We cannot be expected to confidently sit our exams and submit to deadlines under the turmoil and instability faced over the past four weeks.