Make Philadelphia Gyms Essential!

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When it comes to a fitness lifestyle, it can make someone feel whole. It's not only a matter of aesthetics, but a feeling of confidence, ease, and renuvination. Fitness is the reset from a long day, the empowering feeling from your mind-body connection, and a boost of the "happy" hormone dopamine to alleviate symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses. 

2,873 Gyms collectively partook in providing member data to trace Covid-19 within their gyms. (sources: IHRSA and MXM)

In 3 months time, 49.4 MILLION check-ins took place among gym attendees... And there was a recorded .0023% infection rate among those users, with NO direct evidence that the positive cases originated from the gym. (sources: IHRSA and MXM)

1 in 5 Americans experience mental health issues here in America, and they have a 40% HIGHER RISK than the general population of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. (Source: CDC)

Physical activity has shown long term physical and mental health benefits for those who partake in regular exercise, overall reducing the risk of stress and depression (Which is what most Americans have been battling with since the beginning of this Pandemic). The last thing we need is to deprive Americans of the opportunity to combat these mental health issues through their dedicated fitness lifestyle. 

Not only are we depriving people of their fitness lifestyle, we are ALSO putting dedicated employees out of work for an extended period of time. THEY are the backbone in providing these safe and accomodating environments to ensure members are enjoying their fitness lifestyle. Do we really want to sacrifice their employment when they should be seen as essential too? 

Since the fitness lifestyle is used as a means of empowerment, confidence, and mental health balance, closing gyms during a pandemic is simply depriving citizens and gym employees of stability during these chaotic times. There is NO direct evidence which contributes gym usage to Covid-19 infection rates. With continued social distancing, mask mandates, AND limited capacity and time usage per member, it CAN be regulated properly as we have seen globally from credibly sourced data. 

Let's demand Governor Wolf and Mayor Jim Kenney to keep gyms open. We demand that specific covid-19 protocols should be in place for gyms to continue operations during a lockdown (i.e. Mask mandates, limited capacity, limited time usage, HEPA filters, sanitation protocols, etc). We demand that our fitness lifestyle be acknowledged for more than simply a cosmetic fix, but a means to maintain balanced mental health in a time where chaos and uncertainty create panic and anxiety.

Let's help them understand the science, and to make Gyms ESSENTIAL LIFE SUSTAINING BUSINESSES for Philadelphia.