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Gov. Tom Corbett: STOP the Disability Tax on special needs kids in PA

Gov. Tom Corbett is requiring that EVERY family with Special Needs children pay an EXTRA TAX, 5% of their ENTIRE INCOME per YEAR! Gov. Corbett gave Shell Oil a $67 MILLION tax break. He made sure there was plenty of state money to fix something that wasn't broke in the first place: Voter Fraud. PA is the largest state with Natural Gas that does NOT TAX Fracking companies. Our tax dollars pay for child molesters to be fed and clothed every day in prison. But does not protect our own children. Parents should not have to choose between paying their mortgage and paying for CRUCIAL therapies for their special needs child.

As a mother to a 5 year old on the Autism Spectrum I can say with absolute certainty that having a special needs child is taxing on a marriage, family, income and livelihood.


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  • Gov. Tom Corbett & Secretary of Public Welfare Gary Alexander

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