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Gov. Terry Branstad and Iowa Legislators: Demand Increased Oversight and Transparency from the Iowa Board of Regents


The IBOR, the governing body of Iowa’s three public universities and the schools for the blind and the deaf, has gone unchecked for far too long. Please sign this petition and help bring democracy and free speech to the Iowa Board of Regents. 

State Senator Jeff Danielson has proposed a bill that will bring long overdue accountability and transparency to the board – and give the public meaningful ways to engage with board members.

Did you know that:

There is no public comment period at IBOR meetings. Requests to address the IBOR must be made in writing and executive director Bob Donley has sole discretion to approve or deny such requests. Few requests are granted.

The IBOR frequently gives as little as 48-hours notice of special meetings. In fact, the board has voted on major decisions via telephone with just 48-hours notice.

IBOR members are not restricted from having business or financial relationships with the institutions they govern. This is a major conflict of interest, giving board members the ability to approve funding for projects that could benefit individual members financially.

Senator Danielson’s proposed legislation will correct these and other accountability and transparency issues. Please sign the petition to show your support of the Board of Regents Accountability and Transparency Act. In addition, please call Gov. Terry Brandstad’s office at 515-281-5211 and email your local legislator to let them know you support the bill.





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