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Police fired shots today

Kaka Slank
Jakarta, Indonesia

Feb 18, 2014 — UPDATE by Kenneth Yeung: Police fired shots today, February 18, 2014, to disperse fishermen attempting to prevent a ship from transporting excavators and mining equipment to Bangka Island, witnesses said.

Personnel from the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) anti-riot police were aboard the LST ship, which was also escorted by a mainland militia group of thugs for hire called Brigade Manguni. Some of the militia had been sent to Bangka the previous day as part of the effort intimidate the islanders into accepting the illegal mining operation.

Local fishermen came out in their boats in an effort to stop the ship from bringing the mining equipment. Police opened fire to scare them away and the ship eventually managed to land at Bangka.

The security officials are now in “negotiations/intimidation process with the villagers”, said one local source. Islanders fear there will be bloodshed because corrupt …

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