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NC should join US Climate Alliance to uphold Paris Accord standards in our state

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Despite decisions made by the White House, most environmental protection measures happen at a local level. The US Climate Alliance is a group of states and leaders who have agreed to uphold the greenhouse gas emission standards described in the 2015 Paris Accords. Along with the now 194 other countries who have signed this agreement, the actions of this group will help to limit further accelerated climate change and global warming due to industrial and other human activities and help to avoid the potentially catastrophic changes such as sea level rise, desalination and acidification of the oceans, drought and other extreme changes in weather patterns. These changes will affect everyone from the poorest among us to our wealthiest corporations. The decision is still ours and North Carolina, which is heavily dependent on its coastline and farming industry, stands to gain a great deal by continuing along the path of cleaner energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Lets once again be the forward thinking hub of the South that created the Research Triangle and served as a model for what its neighbors should aspire to!

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