Let's Make Florida a No-Kill State!

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Dear Governor DeSantis, Attorney General Moody and Commissioner Fried,

We are addressing you with the hope of having legislature put in place that will protect our animals from senseless and immoral euthanasia in our public shelters, as well as at the hands of those among us that would abuse and/or abandon them.

With the huge number of animal lovers in the State of Florida, there is no reason that we should not follow Delaware's example and become a no-kill state.  However, far too many animals are euthanized for no good reason.  Broward Animal Services is just one of the many public shelters that prefers to put down loving, adoptable animals simply because they have been there too long,  alleging the dogs are aggressive when they are simply bored,by their 23 hours a day in filthy confinement.  Numbers are fudged to support a 'no-kill' facade, entire litters are put down and counted as just one animal,  fictitious excuses are documented for unjustified euthanasia of healthy animals, and as of late, no reason is even listed at all. Worse yet, it is less expensive to neuter an animal ($50) to help with animal control, than it is to euthanize one($170), not to mention that it is infinitely more humane.

Instead of creating more programs to get these pets a home; working with veterans, nursing homes, community service for high schools to name a few, many shelters simply choose to empty their kennels in a much more heinous way.  How many other public shelters are there throughout Florida that just give up on these beings, many of whom have already suffered abuse at the hands of former owners and breeders? Any legislation needs to also address animal abuse and animal abandonment and treat these as the crimes that they are with punishment meted out accordingly. Imagine if you had to PAY to drop off your lifelong family pet---- a scale could even be created depending on age and breed--- that could then be applied towards neutering and better care for shelter animals. Every animal needs to be microchipped----you abandon your pet, you pay an additional fine. Period.

If Delaware has managed to achieve no kill status,  Florida should be able to as well. Every public shelter should have the obligation to instate programs working with the community to help get these animals, both cats and dogs, their forever homes.  If not a loving home, at least through diverse programs, they can be given the attention they so desperately crave and want to give in return.  Any animal that is put down should have to have at least 2 veterinarians sign off who cannot in any way be affiliated with the shelters and must be approved by Tallahassee. Many of those  vets are sadly, far too jaded as they have repeatedly put down healthy animals, and lost their moral compass when it comes to saving canine and feline lives.

Volunteers should not be allowed to be 'fired' as has occurred in Broward, because they question the Director on  'kill' policies. Volunteers should be welcomed and respected as they give freely of themselves for the benefit of these creatures.

Please help us to protect these innocents by enacting legislation to regulate the shelters and demand greater transparency and accountability in Florida. 

Thank you.