Allow MSZaandam to dock in Fort Lauderdale

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Susan Young
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The goal is to allow the Holland America Cruise Ship Zaandam to dock in Fort Lauderdale and develop quarantine plans to eventually allow all passengers to disembark. There are both ill and healthy patients on the ship, many being Florida residents. Sadly, 4 have died. 

The Zaandam embarked on a trip on March 7 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the voyage scheduled to end in San Antonio, Chile, on Saturday, March 21. On March 14, Chile denied entrance and no one has left the ship since then.

Since March 22, passengers have been confined to their living quarters. The solitary confinement and uncertainty are causing significant mental stress in addition to the obvious physical illnesses.  Lives are truly at risk and our elected officials need to maintain humanity and have the courage to help all citizens. 

In addition, Florida and Fort Lauderdale receive a significant amount of revenue for the cruise ship and tourism industries. It is a poor financial decision to turn their backs in times of crises. 

Please sign this petition to encourage our politicians to do the right thing and help those on the Zaandam.