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Petitioning Governor of Florida Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott: Stop the Voter Purge!


If you’re a Florida voter, Governor Rick Scott might be after you.

Election season is heating up, and Governor Scott has decided to make a change that has disenfranchised thousands of eligible Florida voters.   Floridians who have been voting for decades are now falsely being told that they are dead, in prison, or not citizens of the United States.

It’s no coincidence that these voters are fraudulently being told they are not eligible only months before elections -- Governor Scott doesn’t want to give them time to go through an appeal process.

Tens of thousands of Floridans have already been affected by this voting purge. And sadly, although unsurprisingly, the Republican Governor’s voter purge is most affecting minorities and Democrats. 

The U.S. Department of Justice has already ordered Governor Scott to stop the voter purge - and Republican elections officials across Florida are flat-out refusing to accept these "purge lists."

Now it's time for YOU to take action.  Tell Governor Rick Scott and the state’s Division of Elections to stop taking away voting rights!

Letter to
Governor of Florida Rick Scott
Your “voter purge” in Florida goes against the rights of thousands of eligible voters that are unfairly disenfranchised by your latest scheme. How many Floridians’ votes will you unfairly take away before this stops?

What’s more, voters receiving notification that they are not eligible to vote won’t have adequate time to properly appeal their “purge letter” before the 2012 elections. Do you really want Florida to be known again for fumbling its potentially pivotal role in another national election?

Please -- end this voter purge now, and don’t keep Americans from their right to vote.


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