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Gov. Rick Scott: Reopen/Investigate the cover up of Persephone Athene's Death

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On 5/15/2012 Persephone Athene was killed in a multicar pileup when her car was completely run over by a dumptruck.  Alachua County has swept this under the table as being her fault. She was an avid animal lover who worked for the county's animal services.She was a county employee killed on the clock by another on clock county employee in a  county dump truck on a county road.  The officers who arrived on scene didn't write citations, instead other officer's over an hour and a half later wrote both her and the guy who ran her over both with just careless driving. This is a non criminal offense and is unheard of in a fatality case. Her family and lawyer were not told of the court date. FHP wouldn't return her family's calls until after the court date happened. When the court date happened the presiding judge and the officer (nor any representative of FHP)subpeona'd didn't show up for the case and it was dismissed with just a $60 fine plus a small court fee. A case involveing a fatality should've been rescheduled/postponed in these circumstances. The hearings also started before the homicide report was released which is wrong. The homiced report that finally came out stated it was the deceased fault because the dumptruck couldn't see the flatbead semi truck in front of her small nissan sentra stopped, are you kidding me?! Also that even though he hit her car with enough speed to go completely over it like a monster truck rally that he was following at a safe distance and driving below the speed limit, laughable. I beg everyone to sign this and don't let this cover up pass. Putting pressure on our local government representatives will get them to look into it and force them to play ball.

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