Child Protection Services of Pasco County and the criminal activity to obtain grant money

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On August 27th 2017 I was order to appear at a hearing concerning the welfare of my biological daughter that the mother has sole custody of.
The order to appear was a business card left on my door by a CPS employee who said she wasn't on my porch. The reason she said she wasn't on my porch was because I asked her who tried to gain entry into my home at 11:30 p.m. on August 26th. My key witness who has been part of this entire case is the ex-wife of a veteran Hernando County Sheriff Department of 20years. She is 100% positive she heard whoever was knocking at the door try to gain entry into my home because she was scared because they were knocking and never identified themselves. I was walking back towards my home when I seen them walking away after being on my porch. That's the first civil rights violation that was committed against me buy this one CPS employee.
I appeared in court as requested I was denied adequate legal representation and was lied to Again by the CPS employee who in front of my witness told us the paperwork being submitted did not matter that it was all in the past that we needed to move forward. That is a blatant flat-out deceptional lie that this CPS employee used to get in front of judge Tapper and she went on to read those things and they were used against me in a dependency hearing that I had again no legal representation the lawyer that was appointed to me was also appointed to the mother he said it was a conflict of interest and he had to recuse himself and he could not do anything for me that day I was told I could only dispute the fact that CPS had a right to remove my daughter from the mother which of course we agreed to we were the ones that called DCF our first of many calls that started with the first call on July 26th 2017.
This CPS employee not only turned in false and inaccurate information concerning myself and stated them to be true factual statements based off her investigation. Looking at the true paperwork has she done in investigation versus what she turned in claiming investigation you can see the discrepancies are black and white. I've gone up the chain of command to the CPS employees manager to the CPS director I've written to the governor and to DCF Department all passed the buck on and say basically just do the program. It is the program that is the problem it starts with the lies of a CPS employee that pushes through so they can get the federal grants for placing a child into protective custody for their agency and or she's just a corrupt employee that keeps falling through the cracks in either case there is corruption at one level if not both. when I wrote a letter as well as my witness who wrote a letter to the sheriff of Pasco County we were served with a certified letter from a Major Peake who told us that the investigator did her job. This was based off that paperwork that he made the claim in a certified letter that the statements and Court documentation put in by the CPS employee were true and the case was closed.
I have gone through the program and completed my case plan as a matter of fact I've even taking extra courses to better prepare to be my daughter's father but why do I have to pass a guilty and prove myself innocent program if I was never part of the program to begin with?
When I asked Eckerd Youth Alternatives staff members why is this continuing they want me to continue with more programs more evaluations and drag this out for an entire year at the same time ignoring the fact that I've asked for documentation on where my daughter's $930 Social Security Disability Benefits go to that she receives from me being disabled. I am once again writing to governor Scott to the DCF Department to senators to congressman to the CPS director and to Sheriff Chris Nocco because I can prove again with another person as a witness so now we're up to 3 that want to stand before you and tell you CPS lied in a court of law because it was revealed at the last staff meeting my son was not a viable option because in her investigation the CPS employee noted he had terminal cancer and he had a criminal record. My adult son a Florida resident just beat his testicular cancer that has a 96% survival rate you're CPS officer lied. You're CPS officer also said he had a criminal record which is a DUI 11 years old that was a misdemeanor driving offense. Two more statements turned in by your CPS employee that she said were truth like I didn't complete any other programs after my 2012 domestic violence I completed one court-ordered one that's documented in court records how can she not turn that in? It's because she admits the facts the pad her case to get the child into foster care to either push a case through or get the funding for her agency so is the entire agency corrupt or is it just this one employee?
Eckerd Youth Alternatives is part of the corruption 18 unreturned phone calls to my son who put his name down in judge Tappers courtroom and he has been ignored and when finally we have him allowed to be on a conference call with me in a staff meeting they cut us off and say CPI turned in he had terminal cancer and that's all they can go by and of discussion that's why we can't have our family member because CPI turn something in that is corruption at the highest levels it's kidnapping our children from our families and it's well-documented all over the Internet and I will stand in the light all day long until someone hears this case and justice for my daughter and my family is met.