Residents of George Floyd Residential area needs emergency care act funds +Health equality

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Please help us we need 1000 signatures to petition  GOV Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health. The Health and Safety of the residents of the George Floyd area have been forgotten and overlooked in the wake of the pandemic and protest for justice. We need your help. With the help of the local businesses and volunteers we have successfully opened a mobile covid testing site and cases on on the rise. Health equality is needed quickly, covid testing should be paid for by the government weather you have a social security number or an address or Not. This is not a racial issue the is a right and wrong issue. This is not right! People of color are 4 times as likely to die of COVID-19 than whites not because of the virus but because of the lack of health care that is given once diagnosed.

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, the residential area surrounding 38th and Chicago has been classified by the Mayor Frey as emergency health crisis area. Hennepin County has excluded our residents from utilizing emergency care act funds because of the dealth of George Floyd. This excludes the RESIDENTS from crucial emergency city services.  We need emergency volunteers and first responders to help us check on the elderly and disabled we lack the resources to take care of the vulnerability of children and young aldults.

With good intentions for safety reasons, cement blocks have been placed by the city of Minneapolis around our subdivision and have cause safety and health issues and have divided the community and caused essential health services from getting to the residents.

COVID-19 cases continue to rise and the residents are also facing housing discrimination practices on a daily basis.

City services such as emergency ambulance and city and state crime investigators have been delayed or non-existent. This has devastated the RESIDENTS of the REAL George Floyd area. Injuries, illnesses and fatalities have emerged.  In the wake of the pandemic, the residents need emergency assistance and funding to manage the health and safety of this autonomous zone.

There are dozens of organizations that claim to represent the George Floyd Memorial Community that are collecting donations and meeting daily with the city council members, but they often make decisions that hurt the residents without realizing it.

The problem we’re facing is the actual residents who are being affected do not receive the donations The city council has approved a budget for $100,000 to be allocated in 2021 to another city organization or artists and healers in the surrounding area but that does not help our immediate health and safety disparities within the boundaries.

The city council is allowing these organizations to receive money that claim to represent the George Floyd RESIDENTS without actually helping the RESIDENTS within the autonomous zone directly.

Please sign this petition to help the RESIDENTS OF GEORGE FLOYD MEMORIAL AUTONOMOUS ZONE get the emergency assistance and funding we need to rebuild our community.

For the RESIDENTS, by the RESIDENTS of the George Floyd Memorial Autonomous Zone. 

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