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Fix the 6-10 Connector

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Fix the 6-10, a recently formed grassroots advocacy coalition, believes that it is urgent for Rhode Island to replace the 1950’s-style 6-10 Connector with infrastructure more appropriate for a 21st-century city. A new design must balance the needs of people driving with creating economic opportunities, connecting neighborhoods, and improving our State’s fiscal health.

The Route 6-10 Connector is broken. Every day, thousands of people drive over structurally deficient bridges held up by wooden braces. Congestion plagues the off-ramps. It separates neighbors and blocks economic opportunity. It’s time to Fix the 6-10.

In March, the City held a forum with international experts on highway removal. As one panelist, Ian Lockwood, P.E., Regional Office Director of the Toole Design Group, noted “Everywhere a highway is removed the city gets better.”

GQ and didn’t list Providence as one of the hottest places to be because of out-of-date infrastructure like the 6-10 Connector. A look at the most prosperous cities in the country, from San Francisco to New York and Boston, will show you a list of cities tearing down their urban highways.

A recent George Washington University School of Business study has shown that cities and regions with more walkable neighborhoods perform better economically and attract more high skill job growth. Walkable neighborhoods are also better for your health, according to a recent report by the US Surgeon General.

We demand that RIDOT cease its efforts to replace the highways in kind and hold to its commitment to work with the City, its citizens, and its business community. We will hold the City and the State to a transparent, collaborative, and open-minded process that advances the best ideas. As Peter Garino, Deputy Director of RIDOT said at a recent conference, “Every time we listen to a host community the design gets better.”

To citizens, neighbors, commuters, business owners, and organizations that care about the future of Rhode Island, we urge you to visit our website to sign up, stay informed, and get involved.

For more information, contact Seth Zeren at, on Facebook, or visit

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