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Stop inmates from filtering into our schools

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It has come to my attention that our school systems are allowing inmates to come visit our children in the schools. A lot of schools are also not informing the parents this is being done. Schools are intended to teach Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. At no point was the school system intended to raise our children. That is our jobs as parents to teach our children the difference betweenright and wrong. I do not feel it is right to take valuable study time from our children to let Inmates be speakers. When an inmate comes to the school it is a part of a system to reduce time off of there sentence. These inmates are adults and should in no way be near our children during school hours. We pay valuable money through taxes to keep these inmates off of our streets and away from our children. A lot of children in the schools have a parent or a loved one incarcerated. Bringing the inmates to the school could very easily upset these children. You also have children who have been victimized by someone that is now incarcerated as that can be very upsetting also.Then you have children who we raise to be children and not worry about adult situations and we are bringing adult situations to them. seeing these inmates makes the children curious of why they are incarcerated as they are making them a speaker to these children. What happened to inspirational speakers you ask, Well I have been advised they cost more money. That is what our tax money should be paying for also. Children have enough to worry about at school with studies, bullying, etc. This only adds to there worries. If the prison system would like to offer an inmate as a speaker to others for a reduced sentence that should be done off school property and be voluntary attendance. These children do not get an option but to go unless a parent finds out and removes there child from school that day. the bible is optional, what you eat for lunch is optional but inmates are not??? Please help me make other parents aware of what our school systems are approving

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