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Gov. Nathan Deal: We want the GA fireworks law rescinded immediately

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We the People, the citizens of Georgia, do hereby ask that the current law in regard to the consumer fireworks in Georgia be rescinded effective immediately. If not rescinded entirely, we ask it be amended tremendously. Specifically, that is NOT legal for consumers to shoot fireworks on ANY day but July 4th and New Year's Eve (until midnight). 

Currently with it being legal to shoot fireworks 365 days a year, we have simply had enough. We are working people, we are people with young children, we are people with terrified pets, we are people with sensory processing dysfunctions that are in distress from the noise, we are people with post traumatic stress disorders, we are people who like peace and quiet in our neighborhoods, we are people who respect our neighbors and ask the same in return, we are people who respect our wildlife in our neighborhoods.

The benefits you may receive on revenue and taxes surely cannot outweigh the distress that it is causing not only the people of Georgia, but our pets and wildlife.

Governor Deal, it is out of control. People are setting off fireworks in our neighborhoods now because they can. Because it's five days until July 4th, because it's Fathers Day, because it's Saturday night. Are those good enough reasons when it is such a constant disturbance to us and a traumatic experience for our pets?  The answer is an overwhelming NO.  

Ask your county shelters how many pets go missing around July 4th. That doesn't even count the thousands that are safely (thankfully) in our homes having (in some cases very) severe anxiety from the noise.  Now it is not just July 4th we have to worry about if our pets are safe and calm, it's any day of the year, without warning if Mr. Neighbor decides to shoot his fireworks because he feels like it, because it is the law. 

Please, Governor Deal, rescind the consumer fireworks law immediately.


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