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Pass Approval Voting Legislation to End Vote Splitting and Improve Elections

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Approval Voting is a reform that solves several of the problems caused by the current outdated voting process used in most public elections, which academics refer to as Plurality Voting. Although many of these problems seem to be part of the political culture of this country, they're actually a result of Plurality Voting. Negative campaigning and elections results "spoiled" by third party candidates (i.e. Ross Perot in 1992 and Ralph Nader in 2000) are both problems that are substantially caused by Plurality Voting and which would be largely solved by implementing Approval Voting. 

In Plurality Voting elections, for every office, voters get one vote. In Approval Voting elections, voters can vote for or against every candidate! Votes are tallied the same in both systems - the candidate with the most votes wins. Approval Voting fixes the vote splitting problem and decreases negative campaigning. Not only does it solve these problems, but it has been mathematically proven to cause election outcomes to more accurately reflect the will of the people! 

1. Ready to go – Approval Voting is so simple that it works on current voting machines! 

2. Expressive ballots – The option to choose multiple candidates lets voters say more about how they feel. 

3. More honest voting – Voters can ALWAYS choose their favorite. That’s because, if they want, they can still hedge their bets with compromise candidates to prevent their least favorite from winning. 

4. Less negative campaigning – Candidates are discouraged from negative campaigning lest they lose the approval of supporters of the candidate they attack. 

5. More accurate measure of support – Voters can choose their honest favorites – even Independents and third parties. Finally, these candidates can get the fair support they deserve. 

6. Expands the issues – Alternative candidates with support under Approval Voting can bring popular issues to the table that were previously ignored. 

7. Better primaries – The results better reflect the will of the party members, and with no vote-splitting and less negative campaigning, there will be more party unity after the primary. 

Join us in supporting Approval Voting, an election reform that is a simple fix to the serious problem of vote splitting!

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