Stop Environmental Extortion Land Grab

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The NJ DEP fines mortgage holders along the Penn East/UGI pipeline into bankruptcy with the collusion of Deutsch, Chase and other US banks and old  NJ law firms and moonlighting state troopers. This is a continuing practice for decades in NJ and previously through out the United States. Peculation and mitigation bank corruption are rampant. 

The NJ DEP fines the mortgage holders 10,000 a day for some obscure violation,Then mortgage holders are told to stop paying and go into foreclosure and that the fine will be eliminated. This is not true. Then the banks take their property and sell it to UGI and it’s Penn East dummy company plus the dervitization plus the insurance payments. UGI is bankrupt and is asking for a federal bailout in the guise of First Energy.

Land and home owners are losing their property. Wetland scams and eminent domain are the rationale for these thefts. Moonlighting state troopers hired by law firms by these banks and Penn East beat up land, home owners and renters who do not allow illegal trespass. The Chancery courts are in collusion.

Sign this petition to eliminate government peculation and pipelines rendering property worthless carrying compressed gas to Germany through NJ. This endangers us all. Germany doesn’t need it, nor does NJ.