Petition Closed

In 2012, Superintendent Ritz was elected by 1.3 millions Hoosiers. The citizens of Indiana made the choice to stop the Republicans from continuing to degrade public education. Instead of letting democracy do as it was intended to do, Governor Pence has continued to oppose, block, and dilute anything and everything that Superintendent Ritz tries to accomplish. The State Board of Education, appointed by Pence, voted recently to curb the powers held by Ritz even more. We believe that elected officials should be allowed to do their job - tell Pence and the the Republicans to let Hoosiers choose their elected officials and to let those elected officials do their job! 

Letter to
Governor Mike Pence
Gov. Pence,

Education is an issue important to each and every citizen in the State of Indiana. Wanting the best for our children and their future is an inherent Hoosier value. With that value in mind, Hoosier voters elected Glenda Ritz as our Superintendent of Public Instruction, trusting that she knew what is best for our children and for our state.

You and your appointed allies on the State Board of Education have made it part of your mission to block Superintendent Ritz at every turn. This past meeting of the Board was the last straw - we, as Hoosiers, are standing up for our rights.

Governor Pence, let Superintendent Ritz do her job. If you wanted to run the Department of Education, you should have registered as a candidate in 2012! There's a reason Superintendent Ritz received 1,332,755 votes in her race - the people of Indiana trust her and want her to do her job. Let her do her job - get out of the way!