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The California Legislature is extremely close to passing a large number of extreme gun control bills -- many of them new gun bans, all of them massive new infringements of your Second Amendment rights.

No matter what state you reside in, PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY. Tell Gov. Brown that he must defend our Second Amendment civil rights and VETO the gun control bills heading his way!

Letter to
California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
Dear Governor Brown,

It is imperative that you **VETO** the following gun control bills:

SB 47 (Sen. Leland Yee)
SB 53 (Sen. Kevin de Leon)
SB 108 (Sen. Leland Yee)
SB 293 (Sen. Mark DeSaulnier)
SB 299 (Sen. Mark DeSaulnier)
SB 374 (Sen. Darrell Steinberg)
SB 396 (Sen. Loni Hancock)
SB 475 (Sen. Mark Leno)
SB 567 (Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson)
SB 683 (Sen. Marty Block)
SB 755 (Sen. Lois Wolk)
AB 48 (Asm. Nancy Skinner)
AB 169 (Asm. Roger Dickinson)
AB 170 (Asm. Steven Bradford)
AB 180 (Asm. Rob Bonta)
AB 231 (Asm. Philip Ting)
AB 500 (Asm. Tom Ammiano)
AB 711 (Asm. Anthony Rendon)
AB 1131 (Asm. Nancy Skinner)

These bills will criminalize and punish me and other law-abiding gun owners. We are peaceful, law-abiding people who want simply to exercise our Constitutionally-enumerated fundamental rights without fear of prosecution and harassment.

Don't let California's Legislature -- openly hostile to law-abiding gun owners like me -- take away our rights, freedom, and property. Don't let DOJ and local law enforcement confiscate my guns and put me in jail because I believe that the Bill of Rights means what it says. Don't let these bills become law.

We are counting on you, Governor, to VETO THESE GUN CONTROL BILLS and send them back to the Legislature.

Choose to defend our fundamental Constitutional rights. Choose liberty. Choose to VETO the gun control bills listed above.

Thank you very much for your time, consideration, and VETO.

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