Reduce my husbands cruel and unjust sentence of 204 years for a non violent crime.

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On April 23 ,2005 the father of my children , Devon M McCraw was charged and convicted of burglary, receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm. At that time he was at the early age of 22. He was Convicted and sentenced to 205 years in prison. More than what a covicted child Rapist/ Rapist or a convicted murderer would receive. At an early age of 16 my husband lost trust in the judicial system due to the fact he was lied to and served time as an adult for a similar crime . He was then sentenced at 16 as an adult and given 4 years time with 2 felony strikes. As you can imagine Devon lost complete trust and faith in the justice system due to him being lied to and cohearsed into a deal he did not understand as a 16 year old child.  In the past 13 years of his sentence ,I have been lucky enough to witness my husband mature , as he has completed several programs for his rehabilitation and has received several certificates of completion and recognition. He has grown from a young confused child a grown mature responsible adult who is aware of his past mistakes and bad judgement. My husband has 4 children who need their fathers guidance love and support. He has 3 teenage boys that need more than just their mother's to guide and support them. The children are and have been devided due to their fathers injustice incarceration. Please help bring our family back together . Raising 2 children on my own for the past 13 years without their father has been this biggest sacrifice we have made. Trying to keep a career and raising 2 children trying to hold on to what's left of our broken family. I ask that u help in signing this petition in regards to Governor Jerry Brown help in the commutation of my husbands unjust sentence. No one should ever have to face such cruel and unusual punishment for a non violent crime. Please sign and pass on this pettition, thank you for taking the time to read our story.        


                 Regina R McCraw.

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