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Vote NO on HB 0261/SB 0132, Reduction of TANF due to poor grades

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We must make it clear to the Governor, Lt. Governor, and our State House Representatives that we, as citizens of Tennessee, will not stand for the passing of HB 0261/SB 0132, the "Starve our Children" bill. Under this proposed legislation (introduced by Senator Stacey Campfield and sponsored in the House by Rep. Vance Dennis), welfare recipients would face a loss of benefits if their children showed poor academic performance. There are many unanswered questions, including how these factors (benefits and grades) would be tied to one another, or how the children's performance would be assessed.

Will you sign on to this letter to the Tennessee General Assembly? For the first 24 hours, Governor Haslam, Lt. Governor Ramsey, Speaker Harwell, and the entire Tennessee General Assembly will receive an email each time someone signs on to this petition and/or makes a comment. This is your chance to be heard, and this petition needs to go viral the first 24 hours. Share widely and please get everyone you know to sign this letter. Also, if you are a member of the clergy, please leave a comment with your name and religious organization. Thank you so much!

Today: Clergy for Justice is counting on you

Clergy for Justice needs your help with “Gov. Haslam, Lt. Gov. Ramsey, Spk. Harwell, and the TN General Assembly: Vote NO on HB 0261/SB 0132, Reduction of TANF due to poor grades”. Join Clergy for Justice and 1 supporter today.